Economic affairs

Economic and Trade affairs

    ​The Economic and Trade Department of the Consulate General of Israel in Hong Kong and Macau, focuses on a wide range of activities and services aiming at the promotion of trade, investments and joint ventures between Israel, Hong Kong and Macau.
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    Israel today has 5,000 high-tech companies and is considered the second Silicon Valley. Over 100 Israeli high-tech companies are listed on NASDAQ.
    The Economic and Trade Department will assist you to establish contacts with Israeli companies and their cutting edge technologies.  We will introduce to you Israeli companies that are looking for Joint-Ventures, Partnership or Distributors in Hong Kong and Macau.
    Our main activities include:
    - Promoting industrial & technological co-operation between Israeli and Hong Kong companies as well as strategic alliances;
    - Assisting the business community in Hong Kong through the offering of contacts, technologies and other information about Israel;
    - Assisting the Israeli business community by providing business information and contacts,  through an extensive database of businesses in Hong Kong, from various sectors of the economy;
    - Encouraging businesspeople from Hong Kong to attend delegations, trade fairs, exhibitions and other events taking place in Israel;
    - Promoting Israeli business and trade by contacting and meeting businesspeople and business organizations from Hong Kong and informing them of commercial opportunities in Israel.
    Our services
    The Economic and Trade Department is committed to providing quality services that put Hong Kong importers, agents & distributors together with Israeli exporters.  If you are looking for Israeli products and services, suppliers, or partners, we can assist you in a variety of ways, including the following:
    - Business opportunities - looking for the latest technologies to enhance your business competitiveness, please contact
    - E-Newsletters - We provide free subscriptions to Hong Kong business people to the Israel Economic and Trade Department's e-Newsletter: provides business opportunities information.  Please contact for subscription;
    - Free listing in our database - Join our database of prospective agents, distributors and end-users of Israeli products and services.  Companies in our database receive priority notification about upcoming trade events and about Israeli exporters seeking representation and customers in Hong Kong.  Please contact
    Economic and Trade Enquiries can be forwarded to:
    Mr Elad Goz
    Consul (Economic)
    Tel: +852-2821 7509
    Ms. Winkie Lui
    Head of Economic and Trade Department
    Tel: +852 2821 7509
    Fax: +852 28650 220