Christian Housing

  •   68 units built by the Jerusalem Custody delivered to Christian occupants
    Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat visited a new Christian housing project in the Jerusalem suburb of Beit Faji, last week, which was recently delivered to occupants after several years delay, due to zoning infringements.


    Sixty eight units were built with the assistance of the Franciscan Custodian in Jerusalem and completed in 2010.


    Upon his appointment, Barkat instructed municipality and Custodian representatives to resolve the legal problems related to the occupancy of the units.


    Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Custos of the Holy Land, received Mayor Barkat on site on April 26th, and thanked him warmly for his intervention – as did resident representatives. Mayor Barkat promised he would do his utmost to assist in forwarding additional projects in Beit Faji and Beit Hanina, which were presented to him by Fr. Pizzaballa on the occasion.​