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    Christians in Israel

    The situation of Christians in Israel according to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics report, December 2011
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    • The Zionist movement transformed the concept of the "ingathering of the exiles" into a way of life, and the State of Israel translated it into law, granting citizenship to every Jew wishin ...
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    • Israel is home to a widely diverse population from many ethnic, religious, cultural, and social backgrounds.​​​
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    • Israel is a small, narrow, semi-arid country on the southeastern coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.
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    • Israel is a parliamentary democracy, consisting of legislative, executive and judicial branches.
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    • On December 10, 2011 the world and the web will mark International Human Rights Day. A special Israeli Twitter account and Facebook page have been opened.
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    LanguagesHebraew, Arabic (official)​
    Dialing Code​+972​
    CurrencyNew Israeli Shekel (NIS)​
    System AdministrationDemocracy​
    Establishment State Date14.5.1948​


    • Hatikva - THe National Anthem

      THe National anthem click to listen

    • National Emblem

      National Emblem​

  • Time in Israel

  • Currencies

    1 Italy Euro=4.6786 NIS

    1 Israeli Shekel=0.21 EUR

    Data By Bank Of Israel