South Africa's labeling decision

SA decision of labeling 

  •   Israel: South Africa's labeling decision is discrimination

    (Communicated by the MFA Spokesperson)

    The measure announced today by the South African cabinet to require special labeling for goods emanating from Israeli settlements is without precedent, as no such measure has ever been adopted in South Africa or in any other country: It constitutes therefore a blatant discrimination based on national and political distinction.

    This kind of discrimination has not been imposed - and rightly so - in any other case of national, territorial or ethnic conflict. Israel and South Africa have political differences, and that is legitimate. What is totally unacceptable is the use of tools which, by essence, discriminate and single out, fostering a general boycott. Such exclusion and discrimination bring to mind ideas of racist nature which the government of South Africa, more than any other, should have wholly rejected.

    The Ambassador of South Africa in Israel will be summoned tomorrow to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem.