Idan Raichel Project in Lapland

Idan Raichel Project performs in Lapland

    ​The brightest star of Israeli pop music arrives to Finland.
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    Idan Raichel Project performs in Rovaniemi Idan Raichel Project performs in Rovaniemi Copyright: Idan Raichel Project
    Idan Raichel Project
    The Idan Raichel Project burst onto the global music scene in 2003, changing the face of Israeli popular music and offering "a fascinating window into the young, tolerant, multi-ethnic Israel taking shape away from the headlines" (Boston Globe). Idan Raichel, the creator and leader of the Project, began his musical journey by inviting collaborations from artists of different generations, multiple ethnicities and singing in languages as diverse as Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Amharic and Swahili. The resulting albums have made Raichel one of his country's biggest musical breakthroughs of the past deacade, and sold over half a million records worldwide. The Project was announced as the "Musical Group of the Decade" in Israel in 2010, and the song "Mima'amakim" as the "Best Song of the Decade". As described by the New York Times – "His arrangements bind the voices together in somber minor-mode anthems paced by electronic beats, earnestly seeking to uplift." (New York Times)
    The Idan Raichel Project's new album "Quarter to Six" was being released in Israel on March. As always, Raichel  brings us some very special guest artists – one of today's leading countertenors Andreas Scholl in the first German language song to be released in Israel; legendary Ana Moura, one of Portugal's most prestigious fadistas in a Hebrew-Portuguese duet with Raichel; Malian singer-guitarist Vieux Farka Touré, whose joining forces with Raichel last winter resulted in the most played world music album worldwide;  talented Israeli Arab singer-songwriter Mira Awad in a song in Arabic; and Colombian singer-songwriter Marta Gómez.
    Idan Raichel Project performs to Finnish audience in the capital of Finnish Lapland, Rovaniemi, on April 20th in the Korundi Culture Centre. Tickets can be purchased via Nordic Cruises travel services, Rovakatu 15 a 4, Rovaniemi. Email