Workshop on Israel tourism first held in Vietnam

  •   Workshop on Israel tourism first held in Vietnam
    On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Israel and in order to introduce the images and cultures of Israel to Vietnam, Economic and trade mission under the Embassy of Israel in Vietnam held the first workshop on Israel tourism under the theme " Israel -the Unique Destination " on 4/12 in Hanoi and 5/12 in Ho Chi Minh City . The seminar is an opportunity to introduce Israeli unique spots of interest and its distinctive cultures. The workshop is also a platform to exchange business cooperation between tour organizers of Israel and Vietnam.
    In recent years, the number of Vietnamese tourists to Israel has significantly increased from a few hundred visitors in 2008 to 2880 visitors in 2012. Many Vietnamese organizations and agencies have visited Israel to learn about agricultural technology, water & energy, security technology, information technology, medical care and visit historic and scenic areas of Israel.