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Chat with Key theater in Vietnam

  •   Chat with Key theater in Vietnam
    The couple found Key Theatre in 1998. So far, they have performed seven hand and shadow puppet works, reaping positive feedbacks at homeland Israel and in other countries they once toured.

    In September 2012, at the invitation of the Department of Arts Performance and National puppet theater of Vietnam, the Key Threate (KT),with Far Theater- another representative of Israel came to Hanoi to attend the 3rd  International Puppet Festival. The representatives of the Embassy and the press had interesting chat with the group:

    Why do you take the name Key Theater?

    We want to be the key to open the door to introduce the puppetry art to a wide range of audience. Moreover, in Hebrew, "key” means development, we hope with our passion and dedication to puppetry, the group will always  develop to reach new heights in our career.

    Who are your targeted audience?

    Those who love the art of puppetry, both adults and children

    What are the messages you want to covey to the audience?
    We want to use puppets to maximize the audience’s imagination and passion for art, especially for the children. As you know, everyone has wonderful dreams during his childhood; we want to use conventional and symbolic features of puppets to optimize these dreams and imagination. Furthermore, we want to reflect the humanitarian and artful values through the simple but profound story told by puppets

    What are your upcoming plans?

    We will continue writing new scripts and staging new plays. We will also travel around to introduce international friends about the puppetry “made in Israel”
    What do you feel about Vietnam?
    It was the first time we have been to Vietnam but we are deeply impressed by this country: Vietnamese people are very friendly and kind, and Hanoi is really beautiful.

    What are your purposes of joining Puppet Festival?

    We want to learn from and exchange our experiences with artists coming from many countries around the world. This is a good opportunity to introduce Israeli puppetry to international friends as well as to experience the unique and diverse cultures and arts of other countries.