Vietnam official attended fishery course in Israel

  •   Vietnam official attended fishery course in Israel
    Sponsored and co-organized by the Embassy of Israel in Vietnam, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Israel, the Vietnamese delegation including leaders and senior officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, provincial departments of Agriculture and Rural Development, Science and Technology, Trade and Industry, provincial People's Committees, fishery institutes and research centers nationwide have attended the “tailor-made”  course on aquaculture in Shefayim, Israel from 28/8 to 11/09/2012.

    Many Israeli leading experts on agriculture and fisheries attended the course as key trainers and there are a lot of field trips organized for the group to visit regional aquaculture facilities and models. The participants are divided into groups to make presentations and discussions on the application of the theoretical basis and lessons learnt from site visits into the general development of agriculture and fisheries in Vietnam.

    All participants found the course very interesting and useful. Ms Nguyen Dieu Phuong, senior staff of Institute of fisheries excitedly shared: "This is actually a very useful course for us because we joined both lectures and field visits. The Israeli aquaculture technology is very modern and advanced. Sure we will apply what have been taught to agriculture development in Vietnam. We also intend to document all special lessons learnt to share with our colleagues"