Launching the book on Ben Gurion

  •   Launching the book on Ben Gurion
    On May 6 2014, to celebrate 66th anniversary of Israel Independence Day, the Israeli Embassy in Vietnam and Alpha Books Company jointly held a seminar to launch "Biography of David Ben Gurion - Foundation of the State of Israel" book at the National Library.
    The seminar saw the participation of Israeli Ambassador to Vietnam Ms. Meirav Eilon Shahar, Alphabooks CEO Mr. Nguyen Canh Binh, and Director of the Vietnam Institute of Economics Mr. Tran Dinh Thien.
    At the seminar, the speakers shared many interesting features about the life and career of Ben Gurion- the Israel nation creator.
    Ben Gurion, who played a key role in the history of the country and its establishment, is considered the founding father of Israel. He made the lifelong dream of thousands of Jews come true with the establishment of the state of Israel on May 6, 1948, ending life in exile all over the world for thousands of years. Ben Gurion also contributed greatly to bring Israel from isolation among the Arab world to become a military power with considerable scientific and technical progress.
    In particular, the book mentions the 1946 meeting of Ben Gurion and President Ho Chi Minh. Ben Gurion said that Israel and Vietnam had common ground in the search for independence from colonialism.
    The speakers shared that Ben Gurion and President Ho Chi Minh had many similarities. Both leaders had gone through numerous difficulties to lead the nation to independence and freedom.
    The participants at the seminar, especially the young ones raised many questions and opinions, expressing their deep interest and passion on Ben Gurion, Israel as well as history and reading culture in general.