An Israeli startup bootcamp, bil Arabiya

  •   An Israeli startup bootcamp, bil Arabiya
    ​​Could the next ICQ, Amdocs or Waze be built by an Arab-Israeli? This is what Fadi Swidan is hoping.

    With government support, industry sponsorship and mentors on board, Swidan is launching what appears to be the first true high-tech venture accelerator for Israel’s Arab community.

    Based in Nazareth, the new Naztech Accelerator is currently screening a couple of dozen companies to fill 10 to 15 spots in the five-month accelerator program starting early this year. Swidan is hoping the chosen Arab startups will help kick-start a revolution in Israel.


    ch aims to fill the gap between basic ideas and funding, giving young Arab entrepreneurs the skills to pitch their product with confidence to investors. They will be partnered with mentors from Israel’s booming high-tech community, and new mentors are encouraged to apply.


    idan is also hoping to help the Arabs in Israel access funds from natural partners nearby in the Middle East North Africa region, known as MENA.