Eilat - Israel's Pearl - by Boaz Samorai

    Where is Eilat and what is so Unique about its Topography?
    Eilat is the most southern city of Israel, situated on the shores of the Red Sea surrounded by the Negev desert. It is a special place where the desert meets the cool clear water of the red sea and just by hiking through the desert down to the beach we enjoy two very unique experiences in the same time.
    What is so special about its Sea?
    Eilat's weather is very hot and dry. It rarely rains in Eilat and temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius in the summer. The Red Sea however is very special because it is very deep and narrow. It allows the water to circulate from the surface down to the bottom which lies around 800 meters deep, thus it keeps the water have the same comfortable temperature all year round and to stay very clear. Moreover, it helps the coral reef to maintain itself with the optimum conditions, 24 degrees Celsius, all year round. In addition, Eilat's Coral Reef is the northernmost point in the world where tropical corals can be found.
    Why did you choose Eilat city for this movie and not any other city?
    Eilat is my home town. I'm very happy to live in this place and to enjoy its nature surrounding it every day. My profession keeps me very busy with the opportunities found at the desert and under the sea. As a photographer I feel that it is my duty to capture the sites and special moments here and to share it with many people as possible, so people who appreciate nature can come here to visit and discover this special piece of land. 
    What is there in Eilat that we can never find elsewhere?
    Eilat is a very attractive tourist city offering its visitors a whole lot of attractions such as cultural events, festivals and nature during winter and summer for honey moon, back packers and families. Anyone can find what he's looking for and enjoy his stay in Eilat.
    Eilat which lies on the northernmost point of the red sea is bordering Jordan and Egypt. Thus, many travelers use the opportunity to spend a day or two in the neighboring countries and discover the culture differences between each country.
    Any recommendations?
    Eilat is one of the most favorite place for underwater photography in the world!
    In Eilat you have the opportunity to encounter a vast number of unique and colorful sea creatures. The calm conditions and great visibility makes it like an underwater studio where you can relax next to the reef and take a picture of fish around it.
    Thank you Mr. Boaz Samorai