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Int’l Puppetry Festival: Impressive plays

  •   Int’l Puppetry Festival: Impressive plays
    “We has made efforts to have a large number of audients interested in puppetry. Thus, Vietnamese colleagues should be patient to form their audients”,  Director Mazal Amir (Israel) shared at the third international puppetry festival.
    Moon Princess puppetry play were performed by Mazal Amir, makes people impressive on September 6. The stage was simplely designed with a small screen front, puppetry is designed as the mold of animation.
    The “cartoon” play was carried out by control rod system and performance profession of Israeli artists.
    An artist shared with the reporter that they only need a small idea, then take advantages of performance tools to discover the story. It is worth thinking when our directors still sometime confuse between ideas and forms. They still prefer choosing a form of fantastic play that do not think that whether the play is suitable to the story or not, etc.
    It’s known that Moon Princess has been regularly performed in Israel with the frequency twice per week for eight past years, still attracted by audients.