64th Independence Day Celebration

64th Independence Day

  •   Hanoi, Vietnam

    ​On 25th April 2012, the Embassy of Israel in Vietnam held a formal Reception in Hanoi, on the occassion of the 64th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel, with Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs H.E Mr. Bui Thanh Son as a guest of honor.

    The Ambassador of Israel to Vietnam, H.E Mr. Amnon Efrat and Madam Grad Efrat received distinguished guests and counterparts, partners and friends from ministries, departments, institutions from central to local government, media agenices and private sectors as well asthe Israeli community in Vietnam.  

  • Remarks by H.E Mr. Amnon Efrat, Ambassador of Israel to Vietnam


    The restoration of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel was a miracle, a closing of an historical course. After 2000 years in exile, the Jewish people returned to its land –  the land of the Bible, and renewed there its life and independence.

    A stand-up nation
    In the past 64 years Israel had remarkable achievements: we absorbed millions of immigrants, we made the desert bloom, we developed advanced Agriculture and new technologies of water management - appreciated by all. We built high tech based industry, and we stand forefront of advances in medicine and science.
    Yet, we have a free democratic society, abides by the eternal moral values of justice, humanity, freedom and peace, derived from the Bible.


    The quest for peace
    All this have been achieved, although Israel experienced several wars and has lived under constant threat for 64 years. Unfortunately Israel remains under threats and risks, and needs therefore to defend itself.
    Nonetheless, we shall continue to seek peace with all of our neighbors, for the benefit of the entire region.
    In that context, we look with growing concern on the unrest events in the Middle East which became more violent, and in some cases turned to be a civil war, while there is uncertainty if regime’s change will bring freedom and democracy. All these create instability and impose threats on peace and security in the region. We must therefore keep eyes on and be prepared.

    Bilateral relations
    In the last year, bilateral relations between Israel and Vietnam were progressing well. The turnover trade continues to grow and has crossed the line of 450 million US Dollars. Two Bilateral Agreements have been concluded (Maritime Shipment and Extended Financial Protocol) and work on others is proceeding well. Existing cooperation in fields such as modern agriculture, water management, information technology and more has been developed and further expanded.
    One important area of cooperation is the area of milk production, which include the Revolutionary Diary Project – Israel’s Afimilk and TH of Vietnam in Nghe An Province. The Project is considered to be the largest of its kind in the world. Another project in this field is the demonstration and experimental Dairy Farm in Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, which is in the last stages of construction.

    Distinguished guests,

    The historical visit last November of the President of the State of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres in Vietnam, opened a new opportunity for strengthening our relationship and for enhancing the ties between the two countries.
    The potentiality of cooperation between the two countries is great and promising, and we stand ready to develop it.
    Allow me on this occasion to send a message of friendship and good will from the people in Israel to the people of Vietnam.
    As we celebrate today, let’s hope and pray for a better future with peace, security and prosperity!