19th Knesset

PM Netanyahu speech at the 19th Knesset

  •   PM Netanyahu at the Swearing-in Ceremony of the 19th Knesset
    First, I would like to congratulate the elected Knesset Members and of course the new Knesset members... 
    We represent all segments of society – women and men, Jews and Arabs, secular and religious, veteran citizens and new immigrants, members of all denominations and all faiths. Ultimately, we represent the entire public, the entire country.  We represent the country and we serve the country.  We are the public's servants, and not the other way around.  Therefore, we are committed to improving the lives of all Israeli citizens.  This applies first and foremost to the global economic turmoil.  We must safeguard Israel's economy, preserve the livelihood of Israel's citizens and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.  This is not a simple task.  When I speak to my colleagues in Europe, I understand just how formidable this task is. 
    We have achievements but also a great mission.  We must strive for a more equal sharing of the burden, but in a way that will not tear this nation apart.  I believe it is possible and I know that it is needed.  We will have to reduce the cost of living, primarily the housing prices.  We will have to reform major components in our system of government...We need stability to deal with the quality of living for the citizens of Israel, but also to guarantee something far superior and important. 
    Simultaneously with our commitment to improving the quality of life, we must first and foremost guarantee life itself, guarantee our future and our security in the face of new and mounting threats and, while addressing these threats, we must also pursue secure, stable and realistic peace with our neighbors.  Security and peace.  We must nurture our inner strength and unity in order to further these two causes.  No one will make peace with a weak and divided Israel and, even if we reach another peace agreement with our neighbors, we will have to be very strong to secure its viability, to deter those who will seek to destroy it and to defend ourselves in the event that it collapses.
    …Something happened in the Middle East.  A lot of things happened in the Middle East.  Only a strong Israel, a very strong Israel, can guarantee its security and that of its citizens.  This is my primary responsibility as Prime Minister, and it will be the responsibility of all Israeli government ministers. 
    However, my friends, Knesset Members, this responsibility also lies with each and every one of you.  Therefore, with your permission, I have two words of advice to give you.  First, the advice of Hillel the Elder: "what is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow man", because we are all human beings and we must treat each other with respect…I know that at the end of the day, the public respects those who respect their fellowmen, and if we respect each other – not without disagreement – if we respect each other, the public will respect us and we will bring honor to the Knesset.  My second advice is my great hope that, in times of trial, we will succeed in putting our political differences aside and unite for our supreme common goal, which is to guarantee the security and future of our state – the State of Israel.
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