Israel at Floriade 2012

Israel at Floriade 2012, Venlo

    Visit the innovative and interactive Israeli pavilions at Floriade 2012 in Venlo
    The Floriade Park 2012 opened its doors! It is the world’s largest and most important horticultural expo, which occurs every 10 years. It will take place in Venlo, from April to October 2012. It covers 66 hectares and encompasses 5 unique themed worlds separated by wooded areas. This years' theme is Living Nature: "be part of the theatre in nature; get closer to the quality of life".
    Israel at Floriade
    Israel participates in this grand international exhibition with two pavilions; an outdoor garden pavilion and an indoor pavilion, focused on technology and innovation. The country will be also present a varied cultural program during the National Day on May 13th and the National Week on July 16-22.
    Did you know that Israel exports 1 billion flowers to Holland annually? Or that Israel implements water-conserving methods to solve water shortage in Australia? And did you know Israel assists Thailand, Senegal and Namibia in advanced irrigation? Visit our educational pavilions and find out more!
    The Israeli indoor pavilion: ‘The Israeli Touch’
    The high-tech indoor pavilion at Floriade shows Israel in an innovative and interactive way. It will exhibit the way "The Israeli Touch" helps to improve the world, each day anew. The different areas of interest within the pavilion will display the Israeli initiatives, inventiveness, involvement and achievements in agriculture. Israel's ability to touch, create, change and surprise with new technologies and products, has a lasting effect on the quality of life of millions around the world. You are invited to create your own fruit of vegetable with an Ipad! For each design 100 seeds are donated to the developing world to alleviate poverty and hunger.
    The Israeli outdoor pavilion: ‘Hidden Garden’
    The outdoor ‘Hidden Garden’ is a combination of history, nature and new technology. It tells the Old Testament story of the seven species: the seven species of grains and fruit as most important produce for Israel. It contains six different rocks with an historical meaning, which are also exiting seating objects on which you are invited to take place.
    For more information on the Israeli pavilions at the Floriade 2012, please contact Iris Tzur:, or 070 3760409. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our pavilions!