Israel awarded prize for its achievements

    Israel awarded prize for its achievements towards "Closing the Gender Gaps" during the annual summit of "Women in Parliament Global Forum" due to take place in the European Parliament in Brussels on 27-29 November 2013.
    Women in Parliament (WIP) is dedicated to promoting female leadership and shaping society in a gender equal way, through connecting prominent female figures from around the world. WIP is convening its annual summit at the European Parliament in Brussels, gathering over 500 high level participants from more than 100 countries for three days of meetings, debates and events.
    Israel sees gender equality as vital and is interested in contributing to such efforts around the world.

    Supreme Court Justice Barak-Erez received the prize on behalf of the State of Israel.

    Supreme Court Justice Barak-Erez is currently the youngest judge in the Supreme Court.

    A renowned expert and scholar in Israel, she has earned a significant international reputation. She has written extensively on public law and contract law, and two of the books that she edited focus on Feminism and law.

    Prior to her nomination to the Supreme Court, Justice Barak-Erez served as the Dean of Tel Aviv University's school of law.

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