Israel participates in UfM Transport

Israel Participates in UfM Transport

  •   Israel Participates in UfM Transport Ministerial

    Photo: Gaby Farkas


    The first 'Union for the Mediterranean' Ministerial Conference on Transport was held on November 14 in Brussels. Transport ministers from 43 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean area were there to discuss how to strengthen cooperation on transport legislation and how to develop infrastructure to connect the two sides of the Mediterranean Sea. 

    Transport is a key tool for achieving closer market integration and contributing to regional integration, economic growth, employment, tourism and increased regional trade. Given the profound changes taking place in the region, transport cooperation between the European Union and its neighbors is crucial.

    The objective of this conference was to follow up on the progress made during the first Conference in Marrakech in December of 2005. A Ministerial Declaration will be approved and signed as the final document of the Conference.

    Israel was represented by its Minister of Transport, National Infrastructures and Road Safety, Mr. Israel Katz. Mr. Katz has served in this position since April of 2009.

    The next Union for the Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Transport will most likely be held in 2016.