Speech by Ambassador Alon Ushpiz – Sirsa

Speech by Ambassador Alon Ushpiz –Sirsa

    The Chief Minister of Haryana, Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda, and Ambassador of Israel, H.E. Mr. Alon Ushpiz, inaugurated a Centre of Excellence for Fruits in Mangiana, Sirsa. Together with them was Ambassador Daniel Carmon, Deputy Director General of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Head of MASHAV, Israel's agency for International Cooperation and Development.
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     Speech by Ambassador Alon Ushpiz on the occasion of
    Inauguration of Centre of Excellence for Fruits in Mangiana, Sirsa, Haryana

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    Honourable Chief Minister, Shri Bhupinder Singh Hooda
    Honourable Minister of Agriculture, Haryana, Shri Paramvir Singh
    Honourable Minister of State for Agriculture, Haryana, Shri Sukhbir Kataria
    Honourable Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha, Shri Ashok Tanwar
    Honourable Chief Parliamentary Secretary, Agriculture, Haryana, Shri Dharambir Singh
    Deputy Commissioner, Sirsa, Dr. J. Ganesan
    Director General Horticulture, Haryana, Dr. Satyavir Singh
    My dear friend, DDG of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Head of Mashav, Ambassador Danny Carmon,
    Head of Cinadco, Mr. Omar Zaidan,
    Agriculture counselor of the Embassy of Israel, Mr. Uri Rubinstein,
    Senior Officials, Dignitaries, Ladies and Gentlemen,
     It is with great pleasure and pride that I stand with you here today, Honorable Chief Minister, to inaugurate yet another Indo-Israel Centre of Excellence in the wonderful State of Haryana.
    This is because, Ladies and Gentlemen, and I say this from the bottom of my heart:
    When we Israelis visit Haryana, we feel like we are visiting home. When we Israelis talk to our Haryanvi counterparts, we feel like we are talking to our brothers.
    After years that we have been working together here in Haryana, I can truly say that the people of Haryana, very much like the people of Israel, are hard working and dedicated to achieve economic development. They will not surrender to the hardships of nature. They appreciate the benefits of proper use of advanced technologies for the advancement of their lives and their children’s lives.
    The immensity of cooperation in agriculture that is taking place between Israel and Haryana, has no equivalent in India or, as a matter of fact, anywhere else around the world. Haryana has become the forefront of Indo-Israel cooperation in agriculture. The success story of the Centre of Excellence for Vegetables in Karnal has spread across India and beyond. This dedication, commitment and professionalism, has put Haryana in a clear leadership position in the field of advanced agriculture.
    Honorable Chief Minister Hooda, if not for your vision, your leadership, your devotion, and your commitment for the betterment of Haryana’s farmers and Haryana’s people, none of these amazing achievements would have ever taken place. You have put the most efficient and dedicated people on the ground and the results are self evident.
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate Union Minister of Agriculture, Shri Sharad Pawar, for his long term vision and for his long-standing support, determination and belief in the agriculture cooperation between Israel and India.
    I take this opportunity to welcome and to thank my dear friend, Ambassador Danny Carmon, Head of Mashav – Israel’s Agency for International Cooperation and Development. Mashav is the arm of the Israeli Government that oversees this and many other international cooperation projects. I am happy to note that under Ambassador Carmon’s leadership, Mashav has shown, in the clearest way possible, the importance that the Government of Israel sees in its ties with India.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Centre of Excellence here in Mangiana, Sirsa, will showcase some of the most advanced technologies for citrus growing, developed in both our countries.
    This centre is not intended to just show off fancy agro hi-tech. This centre is about Israelis and Haryanvis joining hands together. Adapting Israel’s proven agro-technology and know-how to the local conditions, and learning from each other's experience.

    This Centre will be yet another focal point in the State of Haryana for Indo-Israeli agro R&D and for showcasing and implementation of adapted Israeli agro-technology, for the benefit of the farmers of Haryana. 
    Both our states face the immense challenge of water scarcity. It is our hope that these centres will also serve as a platform for sharing some of Israel’s most innovative water technologies with the State of Haryana.
    As we have shown in the past, and as we have witnessed in the State of Haryana itself, the implementation of Israeli technology and know-how, and its adaptation to local needs and conditions by you – drastically multiplies production and raises the quality of the produce. This will directly benefit the farmers and the consumers.
    When we Israelis visit Haryana, we feel like we are visiting home.
    When we Israelis talk to Haryanvis, we feel like we are talking to our brothers.
    Thank you to Chief Minister Hooda and to his Government.
    Thank you.