Reuven Rivlin will be tenth president of Israel

Reuven Rivlin will be tenth president of Israel

    Rivlin beats Hatnua MK in second round runoff, winning 63 of 119 votes from MKs; Likud MK will replace Peres when he steps down after seven-year term in July.

    The Israeli parliament has elected veteran Likud lawmaker Reuven Rivlin as the country's next president.
    Mr Rivlin, a former parliamentary speaker and Cabinet minister, defeated long-time MP Meir Sheetrit, by 63 to 53 in a secret run-off ballot.
    He will succeed Shimon Peres, 90, who ends his seven-year term in July.
    Congratulating Mr Rivlin at a ceremony on Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, "I know you will do your utmost as president to meet the two-fold mission of unifying the nation and showing unity in the face of external challenges. I promise, as a prime minister from a similar background, to work with you."
    Reuven Rivlin

    Born in 1939 in Jerusalem.

    Trained as a lawyer.

    First elected to the Knesset (parliament) in 1988.

    Former chairman of Betar Jerusalem sports association and loyal supporter of their football team.

    Served as minister of communications under then PM Ariel Sharon between 2001 and 2003.


    Elected Knesset Speaker in 2003 in an uncontested victory