Israel participates in Int Seminar on Fertigation

Israel participates in Int Seminar on Fertigation

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    Jaipur, Aug 13 (UNI) - An international seminar-cum training for farmers on the technique of fertigation automation that provides cost effective manner of enhancing farm efficiency, began here today.
    International experts from Israel and experts from five states of India, along with some progressive farmers from the state are attending the event that was inaugurated by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

    Fertigation is the addition of water-soluble micro and macro nutrients to the irrigation water. The roots of this technique started through flood and furrow applications of which are still in practise.
    It is an application of fertilisers, soil amendments or other water-soluble products through a controlled irrigation system which increases the farming efficiency and reduces environmental contamination.

    The agriculturists began to evolve the process of fertigation in late 20th century into practical irrigation applications that utilises mechanical irrigation delivery systems.
    With the backbone of an irrigation system in place, the means to inject fertilizer and mitigate its rate is what has changed significantly from inception.

    The modern agricultural Fertigation utilises Geographic Information Systems(GIS) to track the application of fertilizers through an entirely automated system.
    The Rajasthan government, which had already promoted drip irrigation system is now focusing on the method of fertigation automation to increase farm efficiency, Chief Minister Mr Gehlot said in his address.
    "The state is a leader in sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation, now the target for using fertigation automation in the state will be increased," Mr Gehlot stated.
    "Climate conditions of both Rajasthan and Israel are the same and techniques developed in Israel are useful in this state,the fertigation automation technique will also help farmers in increasing their farming efficiency," he added.

    Gehlot said, we are also collaborating with Israel for irrigation management with saline water. In technical session of the seminar organised jointly by the state government and Embassy of Israel at International Horticulture Innovation and Training Centre here. Water Expert from Israel, Uri Shani, delivered the key note address on future of efficient agriculture and irrigation.