Israel Gujarat to soon sign MoU to create corpus fund

Israel-Gujarat to soon sign MoU create corpus fund

    Gujarat and Israel to create a corpus fund to strengthen partnership in the area of industrial development
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    Israel-Gujarat to soon sign MoU to create corpus fund: Miller
    Vadodara: An MoU will soon be signed between Gujarat and Israel to create a corpus fund to strengthen partnership in the area of industrial development, Consul General of Israel in Mumbai, Jonathan Miller, said here today.
    “The draft of the MoU is ready and will be signed in the presence of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi soon. Gujarat is a business-oriented state and this MoU will help both Isreali and Gujarat-based companies in developing and strengthening the industrial relationship,” Miller said.
    Miller was here to discuss issues of partnership with city Mayor Bharat Shah and Vadodara Municipal Commissioner anish Bhardwaj.
    During his visit to Gujarat earlier this year Isreali Ambassador to India Alon Ushpiz had suggested creating corpus fund to expand partnership between the state and Israel for industrial development as well as research and development.
    “Israel and Gujarat have discussed several areas of cooperation like agriculture, industrial research and development, solar & thermal power, pharmaceuticals, water recycling and water desalination plants. Our focus is on increasing research ties with Gujarat,” he said. 

    “Israel is keen to increase research and development (R&D) and cultural ties with Gujarat,” he added.
    According to him, Israel has partnered with Gujarat to establish centres of excellence. “Three Centres of Excellence are planned to be set up: one for mango in Junagadh, another one for vegetables in Vadrada and third one for pomegranate,” Miller said.
    Miller is optimistic that the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Isreal and India is likely to be finalised after a round of talks in February next year. Last round of talks on the issue was held in the month of November, he said.
    “Israel is a world leader in advanced agriculture technologies. Israel’s success lies in the determination and ingenuity of farmers and scientists and in the close cooperation between R&D and industry.
    “These characteristics have created a flourishing agriculture sector amidst a difficult environment with limited ground and water resources. Amongst the many fields in which Israel and India collaborate, agriculture has always been front and centre,” he said.