Global Health - International summer program July 2014

International Summer Programs in Israel

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    Global Health Program:

    The global health program at BGU provides students with a comprehensive learning experience that combines classes, professional field trips and practicum. We believe a large part of the learning occurs in the field. That's why students will not only hear about global health but they will also visit places and meet people that actually practice or demonstrate aspects of global public health in Israel. Students will also be assigned to an Israeli institution/organization that applies Israeli innovation in global public health for one week and learn about the realities of global health first hand.

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    The course “The soil‐plant‐atmosphere continuum in arid zones – agricultural and environmental aspects” will provide the students with cuttingedge knowledge and expose them to the latest developments in agricultural technologies aimed at improving food and water use. The innovative,multidisciplinary program is structured to offer students exceptional opportunities to pursue a combination of basic and applied research in agricultural and environmental aspects. This course is offered within the framework of the bi‐lateral agreements of the State of Israel with the Republic of India and the People’s Republic of China. In addition, these agreements support future academic collaboration, conferences,
    knowledge sharing, and student exchanges.
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    For outstanding Chinese and Indian students – scholarships are available to cover tuition and basic cost of living.

    Application deadline: 15.5.2014
    Notification of Acceptance: 15.5.2014