Digital Israel – National Initiative

"Digital Israel" – National Initiative

  •   "Digital Israel" - A Fibre Optic to Connect Israel at a Speed of 1,000 MB
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    The Government of Israel has decided to devise a national agenda for information and communication technologies and to establish a corresponding system-wide implementation plan for that matter.

    Among other objectives, the Israeli Government intends to leverage the country’s standing as the Start-Up Nation to greatly improve governmental and business services, ensuring they are delivered in the most advanced methods in the world.
    To this end, on December 15, 2013, the Government adopted a resolution on establishing the "Digital Israel" – the national initiative", to set in motion a coordinated, effective effort to realize the potential of advanced technological infrastructures.
    Israel is on the verge of a revolution in the field of technological infrastructure. As part of the "Digital Israel" national initiative, one of the most advanced fiber-optic infrastructures available today will be deployed in Israel, enabling Israeli homes and businesses to connect to the internet at a speed of up to 1,000 MB. This infrastructure provides an opportunity for making a quantum leap in the area of digital services in the public and business sectors.
    The mechanism for implementing the government resolution is based on three principle elements: a steering committee headed by the Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office and including DG's of government ministries and heads of governmental organizations; a Coordination Bureau in the Prime Minister’s Office which will formulate a national digital plan for implementing the initiative and monitor the progress in the relevant ministries; and inter-sectorial think tanks.