General Information

General Information

    The Embassy of Israel in New Delhi is pleased to introduce a new facility to meet the ever increasing demand for the Visa of Israel in India. It is our constant effort to provide greater comfort and convenience to our visa applications.
    Application Procedure
    PLEASE NOTE: From 24th April 2009, Visa application for Israel shall be accepted at
    the following Address:-
    VFS Israel Visa Application Centre
    International Trade Tower, S- 2 Level,
    Nehru Place, New Delhi -110019
    Telephone Helpline – 011-42220365
    Email Helpline –
    Website –
    Timings for Submission of Application and Collection of Passports
    Submission: 0900 - 1200 : Applicants /Representatives / Travel Agents
    1300 - 1600 : Applications / Representatives
    Collection: 1300 – 1600 Hrs

    The centre shall be open from Monday to Friday, except on Embassy holidays.
    VFS shall accept applications for B1 (Employment), B2 (Business/ Tourism), A2 (Student) Visa
    Applications from holders of Diplomatic and official passports will continue to be accepted directly at the Embassy of Israel, 3 Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi -110011
    (B1 includes Work Permit Visa)

    Please confirm by telephone that Visa Approval has arrived before approaching the Embassy
    1. Visa application form (new one) filled in, The same may be downloaded from our website
    2. Two passport size photographs with white background,
    3. Police clearance certificate. This Police verification should not be more than 1 months old.
    4. If, married visit with your spouse and ID proof of the spouse for e.g. Passport, Election Card or Driving License.
    5. Medical report from East West Medical Center only.
    Medical should include – general, AIDS test & Ex ray report
    6. Please carry Contract of Intend

    P.S: All documents should be Original

    1. Visa Application shall be accepted between 09:30am to 12:30 pm from Mon – Fri.
    2. Passport has to be Collected only on Tuesday And Thursday between 4:30pm– 5 pm.
    3. Person holding the collection slip should visit for the collection of Passport (please do not carry any bags or any other belongings with you).
    (B 2 includes business visa)
    1. Visa application form (duly filled). The same may be downloaded from our website
    2. Two passport size photographs with white background.
    3. A covering letter (on the letter head) from the place of work of the applicant. It should mention the name of the person, his/her designation in the company, purpose of visit and duration of stay.
    4. An invitation letter (both in Hebrew and English) on the letter head of the guest company, it should mention the name, passport no., duration and purpose of travel to Israel. (this letter should come to the embassy by fax from Israel only)
    5. A copy of tickets.
    6. Bank a/c statement for the latest 3 months (name of the applicant should be certified by bank in the statement). Statement downloaded from the Internet will be not accepted.
    7. Salary statement for the last 2 months.
    8. A copy of Health Insurance.
    For further information please contact the Visa Section at 91-11-30414522, 30414474, 30414561,30414583
    or Email:
    1. Address of the Mission
    3 Aurangzeb Road, New Delhi -110011
    2. Reception hours for consular services
    Visiting Hours sular Section 0930 Hrs-1300Hrs  ( Mon – Fri) Telephone /email enquiry : 1300hrs -1500hrs
    Passport collection for B/1 category : 1600hrs-1630hrs
    3. Telephone numbers for consular services
          91-11-30414522, 30414474, 30414561,30414583
    4. Jurisdiction
    India (North) , Sri Lanka 
    List of Indian states which fall under the jurisdiction of  the Embassy of Israel in New Delhi:
    5. Security instructions for people who wish to obtain consular services at the mission offices
    a. Please bring a photo ID.
    b. Every visitor and his belongings will be required to undergo a security check.
    c. For security purposes, no personal objects will be allowed into the mission, including handbags, mobile phones and electronic devices.
    d. Do not bring large handbags or suitcases to the mission.
    e. Do not bring food and/or beverage bottles or containers.
    f. The mission’s security directives apply to people in the consular waiting room. The instructions of the security staff must be obeyed at all times.
    6. Mailing material to the mission
    Embassy of Israel
    Consular Section
    3 Aurangzeb Road,
    New Delhi – 110011
    The sender is responsible for material mailed to the mission.
    It is important to stress that there are cases in which you are required to visit the mission in person. For more detailed information, see the section on Consular Services in Chapter 2.
    7. List of qualified translators who work with the mission
         For translation services from the Local language ( Hindi ) into English please      approach the District Court at Patiala House , New Delhi .(Note: The Notary should have a registered number)
    8. List of criminal attorneys
    The mission is not permitted or authorized to recommend any particular attorney. Click on below given link to download a list of attorneys provided by the local bar association:

    9. Verification of public documents
    There are two possibilities for verifying a public document:
    a. Verification by means of apostille
    In 1978, Israel signed and ratified the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents  1961 (hereinafter: the Hague Convention). The purpose of this Convention was to shorten the processes required for a particular country to recognize the official documents issued by another country, by means of apostille certification.
    Public documents and certificates that were issued in one of the countries that are signatories to the above Convention, and which bear the apostille stamp, are valid for presentation in Israel, without the need for additional verification / certification by the diplomatic / consular representative at the Israeli mission.
    Additionally, for countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention, no additional verification is required by the mission consul of the country for which the document is designated, if it was stamped with an apostille in Israel.
    With regard to a list of the countries that signed the Convention, and details about the authority competent to grant apostille certification in each country, as well as additional information, click on the following link:
    Apostille stickers will be issued on the public documents such as birth, death, affidavits, power of attorneys, marriage etc and educational documents like degree, diplomas, matriculation and secondary level certificates. For apostille please approach the following address:
    Ministry of External Affairs
    CPV Division, Attestation Cell,
    Patiala House Annexe , Tilak Marg,
    New Delhi 
    Ph : 23387931  Fax : 23070644
    Website :
    b. Verification by means other than apostille
    Verification of a document in a country that is not a signatory to the Hague Convention should be implemented as follows:
    After the document is verified by the competent authority in the foreign country (usually the Foreign Ministry or Ministry of Justice), the Israeli consular representative verifies the signature of the competent authority.
    10. Contacts and inquiries about improving the service provided to the citizens
    • Email can be sent to the following address:

    • For feedback on the quality of service provided to the citizens by the mission, click on the following link:
    11. The main laws of the State of Israel on which consular work abroad is based, are as follows:
    • The Law of Return, 5710  1950  with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    • The Entry into Israel Law, 5712  1952  with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    • The Law of Citizenship, 5712  1952  with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    • The Passports Law, 5712  1952  with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    • The Names Law, 5716  1956  with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    • The Population Registration Law, 5725  1965  with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    • The Notaries Law, 5736  1976  with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    • The Defense Service Law (Consolidated Version), 5747  1986 and the authority to implement it abroad  with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    • The Crime Register and Rehabilitation of Offenders Law, 5741  1981  with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    12. Details of the Jewish Agency Representative
    The Jewish Agency 
    17/19 Hira Bldg. 1st Floor Rm.8 
    (Opposite GPO, Kabutar Khana Fort) 
    Mint Road, Mumbai 400001, India 
    Tel: (0091) 2222-692551, Fax: (0091) 2222-692553
    13. Local characteristics
    A) The Embassy of Israel has launched a new facility to meet the ever increasing demand for Visas to Israel in India and Sri Lanka. In its continued efforts to provide better service and assistance for visa applicants. The Embassy has opened visa applications centre as follows:

    a. New Delhi :
    IVS Israel Visa Application Centre
    International Trade Tower , S- 2 Level,
    Nehru Place , New Delhi -110019
    Telephone Helpline – 011-42220365
    Email Helpline –
    Website –
    b. Sri Lanka
    IVS (Lanka) Pvt.Ltd.
    2nd Floor, 330 Galle Road,
    Colombo -04
    Sri Lanka
    Ph : (D) 0094 11 43600 88  (M) 0094 718 692410 

    IVS  will provide the applicants with answers to telephone and emails queries .In addition assistance will also be provided(chargeable) for filling up the application forms . The applicants can also check the status of their applications through a dedicated website:  Courier delivery services are optional provided the request for courier passport delivery is submitted in advance with the application (chargeable).

    As part of the above mentioned service, passports photos as well as Xerox copies of documents can also be done (chargeable) at the same place.

    For Israeli citizens: Any information on Indian Visa is available in the Ministry of Home Affairs website
    Also  Israeli citizen can get information regarding their lost passport or any visa   queries on  the following  websites :
    Medical Check up for Sri Lankan citizen applying for B 1 Visa
    For Medical Check ups please contact:
    Lanka Hospitals PLC
    578, Elvitigala Mawatha,
    Colombo 05
    Sri Lanka
    Contact details:
    Lanka Health Check Department (Located on the Ground Floor)
    Direct Telephone No of Lanka Health Check Dept: +94 11 543 1064 / 5
    General Line: +94 11543 0000
    To obtain appointments for medicals please follow the instructions given below:
    Time: Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 4 pm
    Tel No: +94 11 5491064 / 5
    For any inquiries:
    Thank you for your cooperation.