Meet our Midwest office of Tourism

Meet Our Midwest Office of Tourism

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    Over the past few years, Israel has become a top international travel destination with record breaking tourism of 3.5 million tourists in 2012.   In 2013, we are on track to welcome even more.  The Israel Ministry of Tourism, based in Jerusalem, has offices throughout the world providing education and valuable resources on travel to Israel.  The Israel Government Tourist Office (IGTO), Midwest Region, is located in Chicago and is responsible for the task of promoting tourism throughout the 13 Midwestern states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.   
    Directed by Tourism Consul, Omer Eshel, the Chicago IGTO works to maintain and develop relationships with denominational headquarters and organizations, synagogues, churches, travel agents, tour operators, airlines, and the general public to encourage travel to Israel.
    The Chicago IGTO works to provide accurate and credible information so that all visitors are equipped to make educated decisions in planning their tour of Israel.  Israel welcomes faith-based groups, adventure seekers, spa enthusiasts, the culinary curious, the ecotourism name it. Within 10,000 square miles, Israel is a hot spot, attracting the attention of visitors from diverse cultural, denominational, and ethnic backgrounds.
    Consul Eshel is an Israel certified and licensed tour guide enthusiastic about sharing his wealth of knowledge, discovery, and passion in promoting the destination.  It was under his direction that the Chicago IGTO launched "The Bible Comes to Life," a 12-part DVD series created for radio, television, internet, and cable broadcast, as well as being available to church ministries and Bible curricula.  It is being distributed as an effective resource for pastors and educators, denominational leaders and ministry administrators, seminarians and religious schools. 
    As host of the series, Eshel refers to the Bible, quoting scriptures from the Bible and places it within the context of the Land of Israel. "The Bible Comes to Life" is an endeavor in which the places, people, and stories from the Bible are introduced and brought into the hearts and minds of church and ministry members.
    The "The Bible Comes to Life" features highlighting HD footage filmed on location in Israel to fully and comprehensively spotlight the Bible, its story, its people, and its places. "The Bible Comes to Life" grasps the authenticity of the stories of the Bible and links the stories to the physical Land of Israel, where it all began.  
    The 12-part series can be brought to you on a fully complimentary basis. It can be viewed here or can be ordered from the Chicago IGTO office.
    If you are interested in contacting the Chicago Tourist Office, please call 312.803.7080 or email us at We can help to provide information on sites, itineraries, maps, and contact information for travel agents and tour companies selling travel to Israel.
  • Tourism Consul, Omer Eshel

    Looking forward to welcoming you in Israel… and soon