Israeli Elections 2013

Israel Elections 2013


    Information and updates about the 2013 Israel Elections, the electoral process, Israeli political system and parties competing in the elections.

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    Elections 2013 in Israel Elections 2013 in Israel
  • A Guide to Israeli Elections

     Elections in Israel are based on nationwide proportional representation. The Knesset is elected directly by the voters who vote for a party, The Knesset is elected for a four-year term, although most governments have not served a full term and early elections are a frequent occurrence. Israel has a multi-party system based on coalition governments as no party has ever won a majority of seats in a national election.
    The upcoming elections will determine the composition of the 19th Knesset, Israel’s parliament. 34 parties will compete in the election.
    > For complete information on the electoral process in Israel: A guide to Elections in Israel.
  • Parties Competing in the 2013 Israel Elections

    ​34 parties are competing in the upcoming Israeli national elections to be held on Tuesday, January 22, 2013. Elections to the Knesset are based on a vote for a party rather than for individuals, and the entire country constitutes a single electoral constituency.

    The 120 Knesset seats are assigned in proportion to each party's percentage of the total national vote. However, the minimum required for a party to win a Knesset seat is 2% of the total votes cast.​​


  • More On the Upcoming Elections

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