Political Affairs

Political Affairs

  •   Robert Schwartz, Department of Political, Homeland Security, Interreligious and Minority Affairs

    As Senior Policy Advisor, Bob advises the diplomatic staff on a wide range of political, homeland security, economic, Jewish and interfaith as well as minority community issues.

    Political Affairs responsibilities include arranging meetings with political leaders in our 11 state region in order to enhance and strengthen the US-Israel political and economic relationship.


    Homeland Security Affairs: The Consulate works to foster cooperative relationships with Homeland Security, Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical professionals at federal, state and local levels. To this end, the Consulate sponsors or co-sponsors a variety of activities and events including missions to Israel and training workshops in counter-terrorism and emergency medical services conducted by the Israel National Police and related agencies.
    Israel also holds conferences related to Homeland Security. The next event is HLS 2012 to be held in Tel Aviv from November 11-14th2012.
    Scientific/Economic Issues: In cooperation with the Israel Economic Mission to the Midwest, the Consulate focuses on ways to expand relationships for state and local governments as well as academic and scientific institutions in our region with their Israeli counterparts- especially with Israel’s hi-tech sectors. The next such conference in Israel is the Eilat-Eilot Renewable Energy and Innovation Conference to be held in Eilat, November 27th-29th, 2012.
    Interreligious and Minority Affairs: Focus on building relationships with religious and ethnic communities.
    Special Projects: The Consulate General of Israel to the Midwest produced the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ official commemorative publication for Israel’s 60th anniversary:





    Bob Schwartz, Senior Policy Advisor
    Tel: (312) 380-8812 (Direct)