Roy Horovitz - My First Sony

Roy Horovitz - My First Sony

  •   Play, Conversation and Israeli Wine!

    Successfully runs in the US, Israel, Canada, Austria and Egypt since 1996!

    Roy Horovitz, one of Israel's foremost young actors and directors, is coming to the Mid West to perform his acclaimed one-man play "My First Sony".



    1 July - Monday
    JCC Skokie, Kaplan Jewish Center
    6.30 PM – English, 8.30 PM – Hebrew
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    (Please search for "My First Sony". Pay attention to the Hebrew/English versions) 
    2 July - Tuesday
    Wit Theatre (1229 W Belmont, Chicago)
    7.30 PM - English
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  • My First Sony

    A play by Benny Barbash
    (based on his book, by the same title)
    Directed by: Dafna Widenfeld-Nagler
    Performed by: Roy Horovitz
    "That night too I woke up and heard Mom and Dad arguing. Mom said to Dad that he was fucking up her life with all his playing around, and his walking out on us and his moods, and she was fed up, fed up: and he answered back that it was hard for him too, and he felt stifled and stuck in a rut, and his time was running out and, he never succeeded in getting anything done; then she said that if he cried less over his wasted time he wouldn’t waste so much time; and he asked her not to be nasty"
    This is how the story about the deterioration of an Israeli family, told by Yotam, begins… Yotam, an eleven year old child, obsessed with documentation, records everything in his children's tape recorder, "My First Sony". He follows the events and reports them accurately, a fact which emphasizes the comic aspect of painful developments in his life, such as his parents' separation and the inevitable ending…
    An award-winning monodrama, which has toured Israel and abroad (Germany, U.S.A., Canada, Egypt…) to great acclaim for more than 13 years now, and enjoyed rave reviews:
    "It is clear that Horovitz is a consummate actor- talented and exciting… Although the story sounds sad, the play is both touching and funny"
    (the Daily Davar)
    "A beautiful and very well acted play... Not a dull moment. Horovitz is sensitive, natural and convincing. He successfully plays a child without falling into childishness, and gains sympathy without gushing 'shmaltz'"
    (the Daily Yediot Aharonot).

  • About the play by Rachel Harris

    Rachel Harris, Assistant-Professor of Israeli Literature and Culture at the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)
    “It’s a sensitive portrait of naiveté, not just that of a young boy, but of Israeli society and its dreams for a better future.”
    "As Yotam spies on each of his family members, including his Argentinian mother, his Russian grandparents, his Polish grandparents
    and his sabra (Israeli) father, the mix of languages washes over him. The comedy comes in the impossible clash between the different generations of immigrants navigating Israeli society. But there are tears too. How much can Yotam really understand about the breakdown of his parents’ marriage? The despair that each of the character’s feels at the Israeli reality and their place within it, their sense of alienation and isolation, suggest that perhaps everyone is really alone. The melting pot dream that featured strongly in the early Zionist ideology seems to have failed. Traumatized by the past, by his military experience and by his failed marriage can Yotam’s father find a new place in the world?   "