Resuming of the talks – The road to a Happy End or Dead End?

Resuming of the talks

    Last week Secretary of State John Kerry announced that Israelis and Palestinians are going to resume the talks soon. Kerry's mission was met with a lot of skepticism from its very early beginning. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that his announcement was met with the same skepticism.
    And yet, and against all odds, Israelis and Palestinians are going to sit in the next nine months or so in an extensive effort to try and iron out all the very many issues - Security, Borders, Refugees, Settlements, Jerusalem – if to name only the major ones.
    The skepticism is understood, but not helpful. The Government of Israel is going into this odyssey with an open heart. Israel is seeking a successful end to the negotiations, not because of the Palestinian's interest but because it will serve an Israeli Interest.
    Israel believes that only through dividing the land - that we care so much for  - into two Nation States – A Jewish State and a Palestinian state, will it be possible to guarantee the future of the State of Israel as both Jewish and Democratic.
    Indeed, the biggest challenge we are facing is that Israel is looking for the end to the conflict – a Jewish state next to a Palestinian state – and to the end of the claims. This,  while negotiating with only one part of the Palestinian people. However, the fact that the challenge is so enormous does not mean it is not achievable.
    So how can Diaspora Jews help and support the talks that are so important for Israel's future?
    Mainly by turning skepticism into hope. By understanding that with all the many other challenges we face, it is crucial for us not to forget the vision.
    Just as we read in the book of Psalms – "Bakesh Shalom Verodfehu" – בקש שלום ורודפהו  - Seek Peace and Pursue It.
    Shabbat Shalom,