Lets Run!

The toughest of them all

  •   Consul General Roey Gilad, a marathon runner himself, encourages you to stretch your limits and run the Jerusalem Marathon.
    "A marathon is tough as many of you know by now. Unless you are a professional runner you will always start cursing. Either on 20 miles or 22 but eventually you will curse yourself for making such a stupid mistake – running a marathon.
    There is one marathon which is the toughest of them all. A marathon that will bring you from the peak of mountains to the narrow streets of a city which is 4,000 years old, one that will take you through the holiest sites of the three biggest monotheistic religions, a marathon that will leave you breathless, twice – because of the huge physical challenge and because of the beauty of the sites.
    Surely now you ask yourself why?  Why should I do it?
    Well, that is very easy – because the marathon is ours.  It is taking place in the most Israeli of our cities – Jerusalem. Make sure not to miss the deadline – February 14th, 2013.  Jerusalem is waiting for you."
    Read more about the Jerusalem Marathon here
    Shabbat Shalom,
    Roey Gilad
    Consul General  

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