Visa Information
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Visa Information

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    Please note that Australian citizens traveling to Israel as tourists do not require a visa. Forms are provided on arrival to Israel, and a 3-month tourist visa is issued. Australian citizens travelling to Israel on official business. Australian citizens visiting for other purposes (such as work, study, official business etc.) require a visa.

    Visas may be extended (for a nominal fee) in Israel at offices of the Ministry of Interior.
    From the 01.12.2012 the Australian immigration department will issue only elctronical visas.
    In order to apply for Israeli visa, you'll need a visa label in your passport (which you can obtain from the Australian immigration office) or an official letter from the immigration office verified by Apostille stamp (from DFAT).
    * Photo taken by Noam Chen for the Israeli Ministry of Tourism
    Website Symbol Blue.png​Step 1 - Visa type - click here
    For more information about travaling Israel:


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     Website Symbol Blue.pngStep 1 - Visa Type
    Visitor Visa
    A B/2 Visitor Visa is granted to someone who wishes to stay in Israel for a short period (such as a business meeting or study in a Hebrew ulpan). A person who enters Israel on a B/2 Visitor Visa is not allowed to work in the State of Israel. A B/2 Visitor Visa is valid for up to three months from the date of issue. The duration of the stay in Israel will be determined by the Border Police. A visitor who wishes to extend his visit may submit an application at one of the regional population administration offices of the Ministry of the Interior.

    * Photo taken by Dana Friedlander for the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. 
    Provide the following documentation for B/2 Visitor Visa:
    1. Fill in and sign the form “Application for entry visa to Israel” (To download click here).
    2. Your passport (needs to be valid for at least one year from the entrance date).
    3. 2 updated passport photo (5x5cm - color) - Please DO NOT glue your photo to the application form.
    4. A bank statement of the last 30 days.
    5. Your travel itinerary, flights & timetable.

    IMPORTANT: If you are a citizen of a country that does not have diplomatic relations with the State of Israel, the Embassy recommends that you do not make bookings for your travel until after a visa has been issued. The Embassy is not responsible for any financial liability you incur on the assumption that you will be granted a visa. The Israeli officials will only accept requests that are within a month of arrival to Israel. An answer will only be received approximately a week prior to your requested arrival date. Please contact the Consular Department for an application form.

    Continue to step 2 - Visa fee charges - click here
    Student Visa is granted to those who want to study in Israel in elementary and high schools, academic institutions, yeshivot and youth institutions of the Jewish Agency. A Student Visa is valid for up to one year and for multiple entrances and exits. Recipients of this visa are not permitted to work in Israel.
    Please note: A minor will not be given a visa without the written consent of both parents or his legal guardian.
    Provide the following documentation for Student Visa:
    1. ​Completed and signed application for a visa to enter Israel (click here to download).
    2. Two passport pictures.
    3. A letter from the educational institution that confirms your acceptance.
    4. The name & contact details of your contact person in Israel.
    5. Proof of financial independence to support your studies and stay in Israel (such as a recent bank statement - with a bank letterhead or stamp on it).
    6. Your passport (needs to be valid for at least one year from the entrance date).
    7. Your travel itinerary, flights & timetable.

    NOTE: Working in Israel on a student visa is not permitted

    If you wish to work in Israel, you must first find secure employment in Israel and ask your prospective employer to apply for a work visa for you there.
    B/1Work Visa is for a person whose stay in Israel is approved for the purpose of work. This visa is given to experts and artists, among others, and is granted solely with the approval of the Ministry of the Interior. A fee must be paid by the applicant when their application has been submitted to one of the population administration offices of the Ministry of the Interior. Upon receipt of approval from the Ministry of the Interior, the consular will issue the B/1 Work Visa and will interview the applicant.
    Provide the following documentation for B/1 Work Visa: 
    1. A completed application for a visa (click here to download).
    2. A declaration of the taking of a fingerprint (the State of Israel has begun to take a fingerprint from foreign workers who enter the country to work) and a photograph - click here to download
    3. Two passport pictures.

    The validity of the B/1 Work Visa will be in accordance with Ministry of Interior guidelines. The worker must enter Israel within the period of time specified in the visa and can remain for the specified period of time. Once in Israel a person with a B/1 Work Visa can apply to the population administration office of the Ministry of the Interior to have their visa extended.

    Provide the following documentation for Diplomatic and Official Visas:
    1. ​Completed and signed application for a visa to enter Israel

    2. Two passport pictures.
    3. An official letter from your Department
    4. Your passport (needs to be valid for at least one year from the entrance date).

    For participants in Israeli national projects such as Taglit-Birthright Israel or MASA, or in other projects initiated and organized by the Jewish Agency, a visa will be issued according to the project's purpose and duration.
    You can apply for either:

    1. B/2 visitor visa, for three months, will be issued for participants in project lasting less than three months.


    2. A/2 Student Visa, multiple entries, for the duration of the project and up to one year, will be issued for participants for projects lasting more than three months.

    Please note that the visa can only be issued at a maximum of three months prior to your travel to Israel.
    NB: The above mentioned participants are exempted from paying a visa fee.
    Provide the following documentation:
    1. Fill in and sign the form “Application for entry visa to Israel” (Click here to download).
    2. Your passport - needs to be valid for six months beyond the date of your departure
      from Israel.
    3. Confirmation letter of participation in the program.
    4. One updated passport photo (5x5cm - color).
      For minor (under 18) you need to fill the form “Permission of a parent to issue visa for a minor” (Click Here to download) and sign it in the Israeli embassy in front of the consular OR sign the form in Justice of Peace in New-Zealand.
    For further information about Taglit-Birthright Israel (click here).
    For further information about MASA (click here).

    To continue to Step 3 - Provide the consular with the correct documentation and making an appointment - click here

    Aliya is the immigration of Jews from the diaspora to the land of Israel. According to an arrangement between the government of Israel and the Jewish Agency, the latter handles immigration (aliya) to Israel. This is to say, the Jewish Agency is responsible for checking candidates, providing advice and guidance, seeing to absorption arrangements, referrals to immigrant centers, places of study, employment, etc.
    The Jewish Agency can recommend a person's immigration and transfer their application (together with a written recommendation) to an official representative of the State of Israel for aliya.
    The Israel embassy in NZ will provide the visa ones the Aliyah application has been approved and a letter of approval on the applicant name was presented.
    For more information about Aliya emissaries click here

    For the issuing of a Aliya Visa, the following are required:

    Please note that the visa can only be issued at a maximum of three months prior to your travel to Israel.
    1. Fill in and sign the form “Application for entry visa to Israel” (click here to download).
    2. Letter from the aliya representative of the Jewish Agency.
    3. Your passport - need to be valid at least for one year on the day you enter Israel.
    4. 1 updated passport photo (5x5cm - color). Please DO NOT glue your photo to the application form.



    Website Symbol Green.pngStep 2 - Visa fee charges

    1. Fee charges for visa

    1. Visitor visa - $28AU for visa.
    2. Student / Work visa - $57AU for visa.

    2. How to pay fee charges:

        a) Pay by cash, by bringing it to the consular in person.

        b) The fee can be deposited via money order or online banking transfer to:
             Account Name: Consular Banking
             Bank: Commonwealth Bank
             BSB: 062904 
             Account No: 1046 1668
    It’s important to mention your name on the transfer


    Website Divider Red.pngWebsite Symbol Red.pngStep 3 - Provide the consular with the correct documentation

    Either by way of a) post or b) in person.

    a) By Post:
       Postal Address:
          Embassy of Israel
    Consular Section
    6 Turrana Street
    Canberra ACT 2600
    You can not send cash or cheque by mail - You must pay by direct bank deposit
    NB. Please include your contact information (postal address, email address, and phone number) so that our consular section can contact you.
    b) In Person:
        i) You must visit during our Consular Services hours: 
           Monday to Friday – From 09:30am to 13:00pm
       ii) You must make an appointment with the consular section by:
            Tel : 02-62154510 b. E-mail:
             iii) Follow security procedure:
          - Please bring photo ID.
          - Every visitor and his belongings will be required to undergo a security check.
          - For security purposes, no personal objects will be allowed into the embassy, including handbags, mobile phones and electronic devices.
          - Do not bring large handbags or suitcases to the embassy.
          - Do not bring food and/or beverage bottles or containers.
          - The embassy security directives apply to people in the consular waiting room.
          - The instructions of the security staff must be obeyed at all times.
    NOTE: You must provide courier bag for passport return
    If you have applied for your passport by post OR if you cannot return to the Embassy in person to collect your passport you must include an additional courier bag with the rest of your documentation (so that the consular can return your passport to you via mail). The additional courier bag can either be sent with the rest of your documentation by post or brought to the embassy in person.
    The courier bag must fit the following requirements:
    a) It must be an unsealed Australia post domestic prepaid satchels, complete with tracking number.
    b) The courier bag must have your name and postal address filled out on the front (ready for the consular to return it to you).
    The Embassy will not take any responsibility for incorrectly addressed or ineligible printing on the bag. Be sure to take note of the tracking number. Delays in the sending of your documents may occur if any of the above is incorrect.
    You can not send cash or cheque by mail - You must pay by direct bank deposit.
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