Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs


    The Department of Academic Affairs is the official liaison between the State of Israel and institutions of higher education throughout New England. We take part in assisting university administrations, faculty and students in matters regarding Israel in the academic arena and provide resources about programs within Israel, such as study abroad programs.

    The Office of Academic Affairs also sits on the Israel Campus Roundtable, a coalition of organizations working with campuses across New England on Israel advocacy and programming.

    Israel Campus Roundtable website at:

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    • Political Affairs
    • Press & Media Relations
    • Public Diplomacy (Community Relations)
    • Economic Affairs
    In each of the departments, interns will respond to telephone and email information requests about Israel, perform computer research, send out materials, and participate in the daily functions of their respective department.  Assignments vary depending on the sort of programs taking place each semester, as well as the interns' strengths.  We accept interns for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. All internships are unpaid and designed for Undergraduate students. Interns are required to work at least ten hours per week.
    The Consulate requires all those applying to send a completed application, current resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation (optional, but strongly recommended), a CORI Police Report (which can be filed for at your local Police Department and sent in after the rest of your application as it takes approximetly 2 weeks to recieve) as well as a completed Internship Application to the Director of Academic Affairs.
    For Faculty
    If you are looking for a speaker to come speak in a class on Israeli Politics, History, Culture, Economics, etc. please contact us as a resource. We also have a variety of printed materials that may be of use in the classroom as supplemental materials.
    If you are interested in going to Israel either just to visit or as part of a mission or sabbatical please let us know. We can assist you in planning your trip as well as connecting you with Israeli Universities and faculty.
    Jennifer Sieber, Director of Academic Affairs