List of Qualified Translators

  •   Translators who work with the Consulate
    The following is a list of translators that provide document translation services from English into Hebrew or vice versa:
    Evelyn Ophir, Tel: 857-919-3859
    Around the World Translations – Udi Manor, Tel: 305-936-8891
    Iris Shor, Tel: 781-400-5484
    Judith Nave, Tel: 781-729-5415
    Bay Translations, Tel: 401-396-9766

    Alef Bet Translation​, Tel: 610-896-9628

    Day Translations
    Seattle Languages International

    Language Connections LLC​, Tel: 877-731-6332

    Certified Hebrew Translation Services, Tel: 888-852-8333​

    The above list and links does not constitute a recommendation for any of the translators appearing on them. Use of the services of the various translators is the responsibility of the person utilizing the services.