Israeli Minister of Agriculture Visited Montenegro

Strong incentive to investment cooperation

  •   Israel is willing to share its experience in the application of latest skills and technologies in agriculture with Montenegro’s farmers in order to achieve better results.
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    ​Dynamic political dialogue and mutual respect, encouragement for further cooperation between Montenegro and Israel, particularly in the fields of economy and investment, are the main messages from Prime Minister Milo Đukanović’s meeting with Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Israel Yair Shamir in Podgorica on May 28.

    The Montenegrin PM underlined that Israeli’s experience, especially in terms of natural resources use, may be valuable for the development of the Montenegrin agriculture and the overall economy. In that context, it is crucial to increase investments, as well as the construction of hotels and tourist resorts, which will have a stimulating effect on other sectors of the economy, in particular on agriculture.

    "Therefore, the support of Israel and cooperation with its investors is extremely significant," Prime Minister Đukanović noted.

    Considering historical and contemporary relationship between the two countries, Minister Shamir stressed the willingness of the Government of Israel and entrepreneurs to invest in projects in Montenegro, and to help further development of the Montenegrin economy in line with long-term sustainable solutions.

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    The two countries’ agriculture ministers Predgar Ivanović and Yair Shamir concluded, during their meeting in Podgorica, that Israel is willing to share its experience in the application of latest skills and technologies in agriculture with Montenegro’s farmers in order to achieve better results.

    Montenegro’s Agriculture Minister Predrag Ivanović told the press following the meeting that he was impressed by Israel’s willingness to transfer its experience in promoting agricultural production, irrigation, researches, as well as its achievements in the forestry sector.

    “One of our challenges in agriculture is how to increase quantity and quality of food. Israel is far ahead of us in the use of technology, innovation and application of know-how in the field of agriculture and we have a lot to learn from them in order to achieve better results in agriculture. I am sure that our cooperation will be slowly transferred to other sectors of the economy, which will contribute to the strengthening of bilateral cooperation “, Minister Ivanović explained.

    One of the topics at the meeting’s agenda, according to Minister Ivanović, was the way of encouraging Montenegro’s agriculture by using the experience of Israel in the field of irrigation and application of new technologies in processing semen which is not the GMO.

    “We also focused our attention on strengthening cooperation between our research institutions and creating conditions for long-term exchange of students and professionals. We talked about how to start a pilot project in which companies from Israel would show our farmers how to use technology and achieve better results. Furthermore, we discussed support for the forestry sector, where we have developed three projects related to fire prevention, forest diseases and reforestation,” Minister Ivanović said.

    He emphasized that Israel has done wonders in the field of forestry, as it planted 160,000 hectares of deserted area with more than 200 million seedlings.

    “We have much to learn in order to further develop forestry and wood processing in Montenegro. These are projects that cannot be implemented within a short period of time. Mr Shamir’s visit is important as it strengthens friendly relations and commitment to developing these projects. It also creates conditions to commit private companies to long-term cooperation,” Montenegro’s Agriculture Minister underlined.

    Minister of Agriculture of Israel Yair Shamir said that there is a long list of items that will take central stage in cooperation between the two states.

    “Today, we are continuing the conversation we have started in Tel Aviv. Here we are with companies operating in the field of agriculture and the goal is to get new inputs and reversible response from them that our intentions can be put into practice and to make sure the agreement on the project has gone one step further,” Mr Shamir told the press conference in Podgorica. 

    Source: Government of Montenegro