Israel Marks 65 Years of Independence

Israeli dance group Sheketak for the 65th birthday

    The Embassy of Israel in Belgrade celebrated on May 28th the 65th anniversary of Israel's independence by holding a reception and hosting a special dance show by the Israeli group “Sheketak” in Dom Sindikata in Belgrade.
    The celebration was attended by Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić, Parliament Speaker Nebojša Stefanović and many other distinguished guests. After the "Baruch Brothers" choir, under the direction of Mr. Stefan Zekić, performed national anthems of Israel and Serbia, the audience had a pleasure to enjoy the Sheketak group and their exciting show “Rhythm in motion”.  
    Speech of H.E. Yossef Levy, Ambassador of Israel:
    Israel is a miracle. A dream which 65 years ago came true. A story of survival: an old nation which went through terrible sufferings but after 2000 years returned home. This is the real spirit of Zionism, the liberation movement of the Jewish people. This is why we are so happy and proud to celebrate our National day. We remember our past, we are proud of our achievements and even more excited about our future.
    Israel has a unique profile on the map of the human family. We absorbed immigrants from more than 120 countries. We revived ancient Hebrew and turned it into a modern and dynamic language. We created a new nation – energetic, democratic and pluralistic – in a neighborhood which is not the most convenient one. We had amazing victories on the battlefield but still reach out our hand for peace with all our neighbors, foremost with the Palestinians.
    But allow me dear friends, not to speak today about history, tragedies, investments, the Arab spring, not even about Iran. We are here in order to enjoy.
    This year we wanted to mark our National day differently. In order to bring you some of the sounds, moves and vibrations of the Israeli cultural scene, we invited here the well-known Sheketak group directly from Tel Aviv. Sheketak was founded in 1997 by Zahi Patish & Danny Rachom. The name is a combination of the Hebrew word “Sheket” meaning “TIŠINA” and the musical sound “TAK”. They will perform here in a minute.  
    Dear President of the Parliament,
    It is an honor to mark our Independence Day in Belgrade, the capital of one of our most intimate friends we have, the Serbian nation. A few weeks ago President Nikolić visited Jerusalem and felt there at home. We Israelis, also feel here at home. This feeling of sympathy gives our relations the special quality they have: being almost one big family.
    At the end, allow me please to mention some great Israeli companies which were generous enough to assist us with this event today: PLAZA CENTERS, TERI ENGINEERING, AVITAL, AIRPORT CITY, HOME CENTER, BIG-CEE, TAHAL-FIDECO, AVIV ARLON, DIRECT CAPITAL S, STRAUSS and GRAND MOTORS.
    I thank them all for their generosity and friendship.
    And I thank all of you for celebrating with us. HVALA VAM.
    Happy birthday Israel!
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     Copyright: Milenkovic Milovan
    Foto: Milovan Milenković