Cultural affairs


    The Department of Cultural Affairs at the Embassy of Israel seeks to promote and support the Israeli arts in Serbia and Montenegro.

    By bringing Israeli artists and their works to surrounding communities, we are able to celebrate Israeli culture, while encouraging cultural dialogue, and fostering a profound and multifaceted understanding of contemporary Israeli society.

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    Drawing by Noam Nadav Drawing by Noam Nadav
    Drawing by Noam Nadav
    Through various artistic medias, whether it is music, cinema, theatre, dance, visual arts, or literature, the special events brought in during the year provide a unique and exciting perspective of Israel.

    With traditions rooted in a people celebrating the synthesis of its many ethnic and religious traditions, Israeli artists are continually pushing the boundaries of their art forms. Through their work these artists provoke a self-reflective and communal examination, often instigating societal change, while simply expressing the beauty of the people and the land of Israel.

    Hope to see you at our events!