Economic affairs

Economic Affairs


    The Commercial Department of the Embassy of Israel focuses on the promotion of Trade & Business between Israel and Serbia. Its remit includes a wide range of activities and services aiming at creating strategic alliances, partnerships and joint ventures between businesses from both countries as well as encouraging and facilitating investments in Israel and in Israeli companies.

  • Our main activities and objectives include:


    Assisting the business community in Serbia by offering useful business contacts and other information relating to various aspects of business in Israel, and vise versus.

    Assisting Israeli businesses by providing them with business information and contacts, through an extensive database from various business sectors of the Serbian economy.

    Encouraging and facilitating investments in various sectors and fields such as:

    -  Agriculture and Agro-Technology

    -  Food Industry

    -  Telecommunication

    -  Software

    -  Finance

    -  Bio-Technology

    Encouraging business people from Serbia to attend delegations, trade fairs, exhibitions and other events taking place in Israel through direct mailing, press releases and personal contacts, promoting Israeli business and trade by outreaching business people and organizations from Serbia and informing them of commercial opportunities in Israel.


    Best Regards,

    Danijela Pejic

    Economic Officer

    Embassy of Israel

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Tel:  +381 11 364 35 07

    Fax: +381 11 364 35 55