The 1st Israeli Innovation Technologies Day in Thailand

Israeli Innovation Technologies Day in Thailand

    Approximately 200 people took part in the 1st Israeli Innovative Technology-Southeast Asia (IIT-SEA) Mobile Forum in Thailand that kicked off yesterday at the Grand Millennium Hotel.  An event dedicated to promoting creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship in Thailand and the region and   presenting Thai businesses with Israeli innovative technologies in the field of mobile technologies, new media and social networks. The event’s program included expert keynote speakers, panel discussions, investment sessions for Thai investors as well as B2B meetings with top Israeli ICT and Mobile Solutions providers.
    It is no secret that mobile technologies are dramatically changing the face of today's business throughout the world. This first Israeli Technologies Day presented an excellent opportunity for high- tech startups, industry professionals and venture capitalists, from both countries, to network, and gain insights from top industry leaders. 
    Speakers representing companies such as F.T.I., LINE, AIS, TRUE, Ardent Capital, Hubba, Vertex Capital, discussed innovation in Israel and strategic investments in technologies, recent trend in social media and services in Thailand, trends and future in Thailand mobile innovation and Thai consumers’ behavior.

    Participants at the event were comprised of leading Israeli and Thai companies including Mer Group, SpeakingPal, Vidmind, WiseSec, AMATA and more.

    In his opening remarks H.E. Mr. Simon Roded, the Ambassador of Israel to Thailand praised this forum for serving as an important platform for business collaboration between Israel and Thailand, two countries that have complementary comparative advantages.
    Israeli Innovative Technology (IIT) in collaboration with Thailand's public and private sectors as well as the academia, could assist in the creation of new business and revenues for Thai companies, as well as help increase investments in R&D, provide experience and knowledge, increase GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and attract FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) - all are within the goals Thailand has set for itself to achieve by 2020. IIT could also assist Thai Industries in reducing production costs and increasing their yields, with the emphasis on the period prior to the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), which will come fully into effect at the end of 2015" said Mr. Barak Sharabi, Head of the Economic & Trade Section, Embassy of Israel in Thailand.
    Mr. David Heller, Managing Partner of Vertex Venture Capital added that Google, Viber, thumb drive, ICQ and many more are examples of innovative technologies pioneered in Israel.

    Mr. Hui Weng Cheong, Chief Operating Officer of AIS summarized that that “The extensive use of social media and digital contexts has a big impact on the digital lifestyle in Thailand. The growth of the mobile industry has spawned the rise of the tech-startup community. Today's Mobile Forum has provided another insight into the latest Israeli innovations in the field of mobile technologies, new media and social networks. We can, therefore, expect to see a lot more innovations in the near future catering to the needs of an increasingly sophisticated Thai market.”