Thailand-Israel Cooperation succeeds in cutting 80% of Thai migrant workers service fees

Thai Workers Pay 80% Less Service Fees

    The International Organization for Migration (IOM) organized a review meeting in Bangkok on 29th January to mark the anniversary of the first full year of the implementation of the Thailand-Israel Cooperation on the Placement of Workers (TIC) Project.

    ​The TIC project, jointly implemented by the Thai Ministry of Labor, Israel  and the IOM, is a pilot model aimed at cutting the service fees paid by Thai migrant workers going to Israel to work in the agricultural sector, had successfully cut the service fees by 80%.

    Due to the competitive salary, fair treatment by the Israeli employers and the 5 years working visas, Israel is considered an attractive work destination for Thais. 24,000 Thai workers are currently working in Israel, out of which 8,000 have been recruited through the TIC process.

    Prior to TIC project, a migrant worker had to pay around USD 10,000 to a recruitment agency. At present, the service fees had dropped to about USD 2,200.
    This event drew interest from foreign embassies in Thailand wishing to learn more about this unique model which offers an instrument of supervision and scrutiny over the recruitment process that allows for better protection and consequently better lives for Thai migrant workers.