Israeli Sensations at Lanna World Musiq Festival

Israeli Sensations at Lanna World Musiq Festival

    Summer is upon us and you know what that means, festival season. Sensual Israeli violinist and flamenco dancer, Tania Vinokur, and artistically gifted wind instrument player, Ittai Binnun, from Israel will be featured in Lanna World Musiq Festival during 13 – 15 April 2014. This musical extravaganza is the most international music festival in Lanna, boasting the world's best musical and cultural performers in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai.

    For her 3rd appearance in Thailand, dancer, choreographer, violinist and composer Tania Vinokur combines music, dance, contemporary sound and sensual energy. She also worked with many artists including David Broza, Glykeria, Mosh Ben Ari, Rita, Rikdrdo Hertz and many more, and combined the arts of flamenco with jazz and classical world music.

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    Ittai Binnun is an innovative world fusion musician that has performed throughout Europe and Israel. It will be his 2nd live appearance in Thailand! Ittai Binnun plays Western and Eastern wind instruments including the clarinet, saxophone, ney, zurna, duduk, and didgeridoo.

    Freedom Fest, a duo performance by both artists, will be shown at 16.00 on the first day of the event. Both artists will also perform during the Opening Ceremony, at 19.00 on Sunday 13.

    If you cannot make it on Sunday 13, you can still catch Toys Ittai by Ittai Binnun at 14.30 on Monday 14.

    Whether you are looking for a cultural performance, a tantalizing show or a summer breezy music, don’t miss these very special performances direct from Israel!