Embassy Resumes Operations after Strike Ends

Embassy Resumes Operations after Strike Ends

    ​The Israeli Embassy in Bangkok reopened its doors on April 3rd and resumed full services, after Israel's diplomats ended a 10-day strike that closed the country's overseas missions.

    The strike ended the previous day after the union of Israel's Foreign Service signed a new agreement with the Ministry of Finance to improve the job conditions of Israeli diplomats.

    The strike, the first of its kind in the state’s history, was the culmination of a labor dispute that stretched back to the beginning of 2013 over salaries and work conditions for diplomats serving at the ministry in Jerusalem and abroad. The full-scale strike followed by some three weeks crippling labor actions that saw Israel without representation at countless meetings around the world for the past month, and left scores of Israelis without consular services.

    Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman welcomed on Wednesday evening the end of the strike. Liberman said that “the agreement that was signed is a good agreement. It creates a new employment model geared to the needs of the professionals in the Foreign Ministry and an economic model that provides a solution to the needs of employees at all levels of wages in the Foreign Ministry.”

    ​​The chairman of the workers committee, Yair Frommer, said the agreement included “a number of significant achievements. I hope that the signed agreement will make it possible for us to continue to recruit into our ranks the best workers in the public sector.”