Israeli Major General Thanks FIDF

Major General Thanks FIDF

    ​Major General Yossi Baidatz unsurprisingly told a room full of hundreds of supporters of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) that national security is a constant factor in Israel. Maj. Gen Baidatz spoke about the challenges Israel faces with Iran, Syria and Hezbollah operating in Lebanon during the FIDF Fourth Annual Gala Dinner in Atlanta.

    "We are experiencing a most complicated era," Maj. Gen. Baidatz said. "On the one hand Israel is flourishing. On the other, we face a full spectrum of challenges."

    Baidatz touted the FIDF for its unmistakable contribution to the lives of many FIDF soldiers. 

    "Our IDF soldiers are the eyes and ears of Israel," said Baidatz. "The IDF needs to stay strong and relevant."

    Baidatz also spoke about the historically high level of cooperation between Israel and the United States.

    The FIDF honored Atlanta Jewish community leader Norman Radow during the ceremony. Radow has a son in the IDF. 

    (L to R) Colonel (Ret.) Pinchas Zoaretz, Lindy Shallcross, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Yitzhak Gershon, Maj. Gen. Yossi Baidatz, FIDF Board President Garry Sobel, Talyah Aviran, Consul General Opher Aviran, Honoree Norman Radow

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