General Information

General Information


    This basic information page includes details about the work of the consular department in the Consulate General of Israel to the Southeast United States region, located in Atlanta, GA.

    Details about the various consular services given abroad may be found in the following links:
    * Consular services for Israeli citizens abroad

    * Visa services abroad

    * Download forms and documents

    There are several consular matters, that requires personal attendance of the applicant at the Consular section:

    A. First passport - all ages!
    B. Passport for a minor under 18 years of age – in addition to the minor, required the presence of one parent, or both
    C. Replace of a stolen/lost/destroyed passport
    D. Notification of the birth of an Israeli citizen abroad
    E. Notification of change in marital status
    F. Notification of selection/change of name
    G. Declaration of Waiver of Israeli citizenship
    H. Notary services
    I. Personal interview/hearing (including registering and establishing military status)

    J.Request a criminal record

    The price for document delivery  back to you is $13.

    Address of the mission
    Consulate General of Israel to the Southeast
    1100 Spring Street N.W. Suite 440
    Atlanta, Georgia 30309-2823​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


    Verification by means other than apostille

    Verification of a document in a country that is not a signatory to the Hague Convention should be implemented as follows:
    After the document is verified by the competent authority in the foreign country (usually the Foreign Ministry or Ministry of Justice), the Israeli consular representative verifies the signature of the competent authority.


    List of qualified translators who work with the mission

    If there is a need for document translation services from the local language into Hebrew or vice versa:
    • Ruti Padan: 770-639-7707
    • Around the World Translations- Udi Manor: 305-936-8891



    For more information regarding Aliyah matters please follow the link of the North America Jewish Agency:
    For general information regarding Aliyah offices around the world, click on the following link:



    Israeli House

    The Israeli house organizes different activities for Israelis, as well as helping returning residents to Israel. For the Israeli House web site, click here.


    Contacts and inquiries about improving the service provided to the citizens

    For feedback on the quality of service provided to the citizens by the mission, click on the following link:



    Israelis at risk

    If you or any other Israeli Citizen you know is in a life risking situation please contact the Israeli Consulate as soon as possible, using our contact details, or this form. During non-working hours, please use our emergency number.
    An emergency is classified as a life-threatening situation that requires immediate attention.
    Inquiries regarding consular matters (passports, visas, handling of matters relating to the Israel Defense Forces), as urgent as they may be, will not be answered.
    Our emergency number for calls after working hours: 404-487-6500.


    Arrested Israeli Citizens

    If you know of any Israeli citizen that has been arrested in the United States, or if you are an arrested Israeli Citizen, please contact the Consulate to notify the Consular Department of the arrest. Please provide the following information:
    1. Full name
    2. Israeli ID number or passport number.
    3. Place and time of arrest
    4. Detention facility + “A” number
    5. Arresting authority –ICE, Federal, Sheriff Office, Police
    6. Reason for arrest
    7. Contact person (including telephone number)
    Be advised, the Consulate does not intervene in legal matters of a citizen/citizens who has/have been arrested, but may be of assistance by making sure that the Israeli prisoner is not being discriminated against due to his/her nationality or religion.


    Permit for Transfer of Bodies for Burial in Israel

    The Israeli consulate can assist those who wish to bring a deceased relative to Israel for burial. For further information please contact the Consular Department.
    A permit is not required for transfer of ashes.
    Local Jewish funeral care services:
    Dressler: 770-451-4999 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


    List of bar associations


    The main laws of the State of Israel, on which consular work abroad is based, are as follows:

    • The Law of Return, 5710  1950  with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    • The Entry into Israel Law, 5712  1952  with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    • The Law of Citizenship, 5712  1952  with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    • The Passports Law, 5712  1952  with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    • The Names Law, 5716  1956  with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    • The Population Registration Law, 5725 "1965" with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    • The Notaries Law, 5736 "1976" with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    • The Defense Service Law (Consolidated Version), 5747  1986 and the authority to implement it abroad  with all the amendments thereto over the years.
    • The Crime Register and Rehabilitation of Offenders Law, 5741  1981  with all the amendments thereto over the years