Israeli Embassy in Nigeria


This is to inform the Public that the consular section is open to the public. Thank you for your cooperation.
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Israeli Resolution Adopted at UN

This is a landmark achievement - the first resolution that Israel has initiated and which was successfully passed outside of the United Nations General Assembly. It was co-sponsored by no less than 47 countries from five continents.
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Embassy of Israel, Nigeria.
Plot 12, Mary Slessor Street

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Operator: 09-4605500

Consular Section: 09-4605515

Mashav Department: 09-4605508


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    • 16.09.2015
      The Rosh Hashanah holiday saw riots by radical Islamic operatives to undermine the status quo on the Temple Mount, which protects the right of Muslims to pray in the al-Aqsa mosque, and the freedom of all people to visit the Mount.
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    • 28.08.2015
      Are you interested in learning from Israeli Innovation in water sector? Participate in WATEC 2015 coming up on October 13-15.
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    How can peace be achieved?
    The dream of a future in which Israeli and Arab children can grow up free from the threat of war and the fear of terrorism unites all Israelis. However, the long history of failed negotiati ...
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