Shalom Club

Shalom Club Induction

  •   Shalom Club Nigeria comes alive

    ​Shalom Club Members are graduates (alumni) of MASHAV, Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation. It is a training programme either in Israel or in Nigeria. MASHAV maintains contact with many of its over 200,000 former course participants through its network of over 70 Shalom Clubs Worldwide. These clubs serve as forums for MASHAV alumni to participate in professional and social activities.

    Shalom Club Nigeria is poised to execute its core aims and objectives through the organisation and invitation of members to attend local lectures and further human capacity building by skilled experts to exchange ideas, moreso, to organise technical cooperation through Community- Public Partnership arrangement; and humanitarian assistance as well as holding cultural functions, to raise funds to support her activities.

    Objectives of Shalom Club Nigeria includes:

    - To carry out rural and urban empowerment drive through skill enhancement of youths

    - To pursue improved community based health services

    - To ensure technology transfer and its adaptation and development to impact on environmental challenges

    - To engage in media for social change anchored on peac and conflict resolution

    - To maintain consistent international relationship with MASHAV and other institutions engaged in similiar areas of interest with the club, etc.