Quotes from Pope Francis

Quotes by Pope Francis

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    Quotes by Pope Francis
    On the September 11, 2013
    Pope Francis in his responds to Scalfari (a famous Italian Journalist) on La Republica said " At the end of your first article, you also ask me what to say to our Jewish brothers about the promise God made to them: Has this been forgotten? And this- believe me- is a question that radically involves us as Christians because, with the help of God, starting from the Second Vatican Council, we have discovered that the Jewish people are still, for us the holy root from which Jesus originated."
    On December 9, 2013
    Pope Francis concelebrated mass with the Catholic Patriarch of Alexandria of the Copts, Ibrahim Isaac Sidrak: "Let us pray with confidence so that the peace can always rise up again from the all too recurrent and dramatic episodes in the Holy Land and throughout the Middle East. May enmity and division forever cease. May the peace agreements often paralyzed by conflicting and obscure interests quickly resume. May real guarantees of religious freedom to all finally be given, along with the right for Christians to live peacefully where they are born, in the homeland they have loved as citizens for two thousand years, to contribute as always to the common good!"
    On February 13, 2014
    Pope Francis met with the leaders of the American Jewish Committee. On this occasion he said that: The modern relationship between Jews and Catholics has a "theological foundation" and is "not simply an expression of our desire for reciprocal respect and esteem". Pope Francis noted that in 2015, the Catholic Church will mark the 50th anniversary of 'Nostra Aetate". This document, the Pope said is the sure point of reference for relations with our 'elder brothers."