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Culture and Public Diplomacy

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    The Department of Culture and Public Diplomacy of the Embassy of Israel, working on behalf of the State of Israel with the people and communities of Nigeria and also is proud to present Israel’s vibrant culture and lifestyle. Israel is a diverse society, with a culture rooted in a blend of traditions from around the world.
    We collaborate with the area’s numerous cultural and academic institutions to organize a vast array of events, such as concerts, plays, film screenings, exhibitions, literary programs and much more. Through these partnerships, we celebrate Israeli culture, encourage cultural dialogue, and foster a multifaceted understanding of contemporary Israeli society.
    The goal of the office is to bridge the gap between our two countries through outreach to local government, the Jewish and non-Jewish community, and any organization or group interested in learning about Israel or presenting different aspects of Israel. Areas of programming include culture, society, environmental developments and current events in the Middle East.
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