About the embassy

About the Embassy

    Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Israel in Nigeria. For more information, please send us a mail on info@abuja.mfa.gov.il
    Be a fan of the Embassy on our facebook page "Israel in Nigeria" and also follow us on our twitter account on  www.twitter.com/IsraelinNigeria
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    Contact Details

    Address:Embassy of Israel, Nigeria.,
    Plot 12, Mary Slessor Street

    Operator: 09-4605500

    Consular Section: 09-4605515

    Mashav Department: 09-4605508


    Reception Hours



    NameJob titleE-mail
    Uriel PaltiAmbassadore-mail
    Florence OsujiEconomic affairse-mail
    Anthony ObiechinaPress/Media affairse-mail
    Chika AjaegbuPublic Diplomacye-mail
    Irene EgudaMashave-mail
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    The Shavuot holiday commemorates the bringing of the first fruits of the harvest to the Temple, and according to tradition it was on this day that the Torah was given to the Jewish people at Mt. Sinai.
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