Population Registry

Population Registry


    As an Israeli citizen you are obliged to update your personal status (marriage, divorce, widowhood, and change of name).


    The following services are offered at the Consulate:

     1. Update of marital status

     2. Documents from the population registry: birth certificate, etc.

     3. Change of name

     4. Change in personal information


    1. Notice of Change of Personal Status:

    While abroad, it is obligated by law to notify the Consulate of marriage, divorce, or widowhood by means of an official, original certificate.

    When updating your status, you must submit the following items:

    1. The relevant form, completed and signed by both individuals

    2. Both individuals’ Israeli/ Canadian passports

    3. The original certificate, as issued by the Quebec Registrar of Civil Status (Etat Civil Quebec) – for Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates, or from the Family Court (Cour Superieure) – for Divorce Certificates. For information on attaining any certificate, please refer to Etat Civil Quebec at 514-8643900 or online at http://www.etatcivil.gouv.qc.ca/en/default.html

    4.Processing fee: $18 for every document (credit or debit cards only please)


    2. Documents from the Population Registry:

    If you require an authentication of an official Israeli document, you may request a new certificate, which will include an Apostille from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This only pertains to Birth and Death Certificates. This process can take up to 8 weeks, and is free of charge.

    The consulate cannot authenticate drivers’ licenses or marriage/divorce certificates.

    Marriage/Divorce certificates cannot be obtained at the Consulate. In order to get these certificates you must contact the Ministry of Interior or Rabbinical Court Jerusalem directly:  Tel: 011-972-253-11031, or 011-972-253-11131 Fax: 011-972-265-29221.


    3. Change of Name:

    An adult over the age of 18 may change his/her last name (surname) and/or first name (given name) once every 7 years.

    The change is subject to the approval of the Ministry of Interior.

    Processing fee: $40 CAD (credit or debit cards only please)


    4. Change in Personal Information:

    In case of a mistake in the population registry regarding your personal information (e.g., misspelling of name, error in birth dates, etc.), you should complete the relevant form at the Consulate in order to fix it. Please bring documentation proving the reason for the correction. When the correction will be updated in the Ministry of Interior, you will be contacted by the Consular Department.