Message from the Consul General

Message from the Consul General

    Dear friends,

    Since the end of August, I have officially assumed my responsibility as Consul General of the State of Israel to Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces.

    Although Canada is the sixth country in which I have had the honour to represent my beloved Israel, it is my first post as Chief of Mission, and as such I feel a special thrill and privilege to represent it in a land as dynamic and friendly as yours.

    This is why it gives me great joy and honour to address myself to the large Jewish community here, a community with which I intend to maintain a close and fruitful relationship.​
    During my diplomatic career, I have always emphasized the embryonic bond between Eretz Israel and Jewish communities throughout the Diaspora. As such, I consider it a pleasure to cooperate with the renowned Jewish communities of Quebec and Atlantic Canada, and in my new capacity as Consul General of Israel strive to deepen the ties of kinship and cooperation that already exist. I am well aware of the dynamics of this community and the strong bond that unites it to Israel, as well as your high commitment to maintain our Jewish identity and the deep sense of solidarity with Israel and its people.

    I am also aware of the fact that bilateral relations between Israel and Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces have developed substantially, particularly during the last decade, but understand that we face a great challenge, namely to elevate these relations based on the maximum of our mutual potential. This requires hard work, but I am confidant that with the many friends that Israel has here that we can reach that goal.

    To the non-Jewish citizens here, irrespective of their gender, race or religion, I extend my wishes of friendship and collaboration. I hope that you will discover and understand the multifaceted, vibrant, energetic and creative society which is Israel and work with our mission to deepen our relationship.

    Israel is experiencing significant moments. On the one hand we enjoy solid economic and technological development and can proudly claim our creative selves to be amongst the world leaders in science and technology, while at the same time, we have not yet reached our longstanding dream of peace with our neighbors. I hope that very soon can come to live in peace and quiet, like any other democratic country in the world.

    My dear brothers and sisters, I wish you happy holidays, a sweet year and hope that together we will come to see the fruition of our mutual goal.

    Shetikatevu vetihateimu besefer haim tovim uleshalom.

    Sincerely yours,

    Joel Lion
    Consul General of Israel